Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to REALLY Tip a Stripper.

     Howdy, y’all! It is going to be a rather short blog this week. I’m trying to get ready for GRL and some other things, so my time is rather limited. Can’t wait to see old friends, and make new ones this year. See y’all there. 

     Recently, I saw a post with instructions on how to tip a stripper. I nearly fell out of my chair, literally. Now those who know me know I can sniff out a gay strip club or go-go bar from five miles away. Ask anyone who attended my GLR party last year. I’ve been going to male strip clubs for more years than I care to admit. I will say this much: I was going long before this… person, who was probably still in diapers. 

     Anyway, first off this: “I only tip $20.00 because I can afford it.” Well how faa-faa-fucking-faa for you. Do you have someone lighting your cigars with $100.00 bills too? HELLO, this is the real world. “Because I usually know the guy”. Well aren’t we just special? Sounds like collecting, if you ask me. 

      Second: “Be respectful.” Of course be respectful, but they are doing this job with their eyes wide open. They expect a little groping and such. Of course, don’t go clawing at them, and ladies, watch your nails please. That is a big complaint with strippers. They expect to be touched. They have basically given the invitation. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it, now would they? 

     Third: “Paper cuts, especially with dirty money, hurt like a bitch.” Uh… most of American money is primarily made from linen. Unless it is brand new, paper cuts are pretty much a non-issue. Most every male dancer I’ve ever known showers almost immediately after a show anyway, so the chances of getting a staph infection are very small. If you don’t feel comfortable pouch plunging, put it in the waistband, or if they are wearing an arm or leg band, put it in there. They’re usually not shy. 

     Most dancers fold their tips in half, long-ways. If you plan on ‘taking the plunge’ then fold it in half the other way again. The chances of getting cuts are slim to none, even if the bills are new. Go forth and tip with confidence. 

     I have to say, the dancers at Club Bliss last year were thrilled with my GRL party. They complimented me about our group over and over for months afterwards. I am sure that this year won’t be any different. Okay, now about the party I had planned while in Chicago this year - it’s been cancelled. The powers that be were pretty unhappy with me for scheduling it when I did, although that wasn’t intentional. I tried to move it over to Wednesday night, but that proved to be rather problematic. However, stay tuned… there are other Cons that I plan on attending next year and I’m already planning a major blow out. 

     Winter is coming soon. Please remember those who are less fortunate that you are. The homeless youth in major cities are especially vulnerable this time of year. They will engage in all kinds of risky behavior to eat and to get somewhere warm. Most major cities have shelters for homeless youth, and some even have ones that are especially for LGBT youth. Please be as generous as you can. 

     Remember, when you help someone else, you’re helping yourself as well. 

     Can’t wait to see everyone in Chicago! 

     Have a great week, y’all! 


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Will We....Or Won't We?

     So…here I sit looking at this big blank page, once again. Now what? I’m sitting here with my coffee, watching the news letting my mind wonder. 

     Crap! Snow! In Chicago. UGH. I don’t do snow. I blame Matt Boston. Once again he’s gone and done his flippin’ snow dance. So when y’all are up there, shoveling snow…all winter…again, you know who to blame! He did it last year too.

     Eeep! Another commercial for limp-dick syndrome. Awww…how nice. An older couple dancing to a vinyl record, an oldie but goodie. How sweet. Ummm… I wonder… 

     When will these companies start showing gay couples doing the same thing? Probably not in my life time, but then I said that about gay marriage too. Never thought I’d live to see that. That’s happened, so maybe? 

     Naw… not gonna happen. Why? Because men are pigs for the most part. However, it would be nice. Two grown adult men holding hands sitting on a bench, all snuggled up together. A quick fade to black. Fast. That damn little blue pill has kicked in. 

     What they aren’t going to show is them jumping into bed. Hair pulling, ass smacking, biting, and one screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Yeah, we all know it’s gonna be happening. Dirty, raw man sex. What else they aren’t going to show is the aftermath. Matted hair, the bed a total disaster and two men snoring, drool from one of their mouths sliding down onto the pillow. Yeah, the reality of romance. 

     Oh, and what about the Bath House Queen. Oh, I can just see that one now. The guy has probably spent hours whooshing and douching himself into a stupor. Balls shaved, hair just right, brush, flossed and mouth-washed himself almost drunk. Pops a couple of little blue pills, some vitamin C, D and K, makes a quick cocktail and he’s off to the races. 

     Just imagine that cartoon wolf, drooling and foaming at the mouth, his eyes popping in and out of his head and he races to the Bath House, where the wonders and delights of hot raw man-sex await. The chance of finding that one true love, in between rabid fucks of course, but so sure that he’ll be there none the less. 

     Fast forward six hours later, and here comes our hero, looking like something the cat threw up, dragging his worn out ass out to his car. He looks down at his now deflating, sore, somewhat raw dick with a big silly grin on his face. Four hours? Run off to a doctor if it lasts more four hours? Yeah, right…that’s gonna happen. Pfft…a gay man’s dream! Yeah, we’ll never see that commercial either. 

     Oh, what about the White Party twinks? You think they won’t be going online and ordering their own little supply of little blue party pills? Hell, you can get those things online, don’t act so shocked. Yeah, them twenty-somethings will also be using the Mr. Happy Dick pills. Sure they will. I mean, what gay man doesn’t want to have sex for hours and hours…and hours on end? Pu-leeease, Mary…you know they’re doing it. Think you’ll see an advertisement showing that? LMAO Nope. 

      This takes me back to that whole demographic report that Absolut Vodka and Ikea did years ago. Very quietly, they started slipping ads into gay newspapers, magazines and other free rags. Why? Because their study showed that gay men had more disposable income than the average household. They also partied their asses off, and of course, we all know fags like to decorate. Yes, we’re fabulous at it too! 

     So why won’t we see Viagra or Cialis targeted towards gay men? Simple. The American public isn’t ready to see two men holding hands, walking off into the sunset. Why? Pfft. Men are pigs and everyone knows it. They know what’s gonna happen. Yep, head banging into the wall, hips slapping hips, ass smacking, balls swinging…for hours on end. Yep…we know…all our minds will go there. 

     Nawww, we won’t be seeing those commercials anytime soon. Whew…I think I need a cold shower now. 

     Now then…I have a few friends that seem to be suffering from depression. I listen, I do the awwww in all the right places. I try to be a good friend. My advice? Get up off your sorry ass and go do something for someone else who has it a hell of a lot worse than you do. Quit your wallowing in your own self-pity, put on your big boy/girl pants and do something for someone else that really needs the help. Spend that time on those people instead of trying to crawl up on that cross getting splinters and then crying about that too. Come on... pull yourself out of that pity pool and do something productive.

     Now, go. Have a good day. See y’all next week. 


'Cause I like it!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Men are Pigs and we LIKE it that way.

     Sooo… I thought I would do a carryover of sorts from last week’s blog post. I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Scott Spears. Scott is a friend of mine and as you can see, a very hot looking man and a porn star. 

     He was good enough to agree to an interview and let me ask him some personal questions. I guess what I wanted to do here was to show another aspect of the gay male psyche. 
Scott Spears

     Without further ado… heeeere’s Scott. 

AGE: 39 
ZODIAC SIGN: Scorpio (October 25, 1974) 
HEIGHT: 6' 1" WEIGHT: 210.2 lbs (7/06/14) 
HAIR: Brown 
DICK SIZE: 8.5" x 6" cut 
HIV Negative: 9-18-2014 
Gay, Str8 or Bi? Gay 
 PREFERRED ROLE...? Versatile 

Max: So, Scott, when did you first get into doing porn?

Scott: January 17, 2000. My first film was Catalina Video’s Head Coach where I played a janitor that spied on the wresting team and was videotaping what goes on in the showers to blackmail them until I am discovered… Very professional group of guys, hot models, great production team. 

Max: Do you mind it being called porn or would you prefer something more like Adult Entertainment? 

Scott: Porn is good 

Max: Did you watch porn before you started? Why? 

Scott: Yes, I loved the BDSM Roger Earl type films showing the gritty hardcore side of underground films. I have always been into leather and fetish related events. When I fantasize, it almost always includes leather, slings and hot hairy muscle guys… 

Max: Do you see a difference between the older gay porn and what is being produced today? 

Scott: Yes, more time was spent on productions when I started. When I started I would be flown out to Los Angeles or Palm Springs first class on the airline, have a great hotel room, expense account, handler, gym trainer, and the sets and acting was great. Some of those I still get but not all of them. The productions had elaborate sets as if you were working on a set in Hollywood. Tons of people on the set - lighting guys, director, makeup, food table, etc.. Each scene that was filmed was done over and over until it was perfect. Sometimes we would work on one scene for a day or couple of days. Catalina was, as the time, the top studio to work for and they did it exactly right.

Max: How do you feel about more and more women watching gay adult films? 

Scott: I love it. Am glad that women like watching men having sex. The barriers have been broken a lot lately… 

Max: Do you watch porn, if so what do you gravitate to? 

Scott: I like to watch leather sex types of films, usually involving a dungeon, sometimes cigars, but always hairy muscle guys… 

Max: What kind of porn turns you off? 

Scott: I am not into twink porn or young guys. I have always dated older mature lumberjack types of guys and so my interest is in those types of films. 

Max: What do you like about doing adult films? 

Scott: I like to travel, meet people from around the world, porn actors have a different sense of sexuality. We can have sex for hours and hours really getting into the other person(s) and atmosphere. 

Max: Do you try and separate your personal life from your film life? 

Scott: I did at first but I don’t anymore. I am my brand. I now just try to treat everyone like I want to be treated like a person with respect for who they are and what they do.

Max: What is your opinion of M/M literature? Read anything lately? 

Scott: I prefer to read M/M literature written by men for me. Just a preference. I read all the time. Latest book I read was a Kindle edition of My Hero. Have you heard of it… lol Thanks for the plug there, Scott

Max: Do you have a humorous story to share while working? 

Scott: Sure. I first time I flew up to NYC to work for Lucas Entertainment. I got up to NYC a few days early to stay with friends and enjoy the city. Lucas got me a temp membership at David Barton gym to pump up prior to shooting day. While there I ran into some guys who had worked for Lucas who tried to tell me Lucas made a mistake in casting me. I started to have self-doubt. The next day I arrived at the Lucas offices very unsure of myself. The office assistant handed me the paperwork needed for the shoot and as I filled it out Michael Lucas walked in, looked at me, and disappeared down the hall. I started to hand my paperwork back and leave but then the assistant gave me an enema set and showed me where to douche out. Michael again appeared but said nothing and walked down the hall. I felt like getting on the elevator and leaving but I stayed and kept remembering that it was Lucas who called me about the film and not the other way around. I then got cleaned out and put on a robe and waited on set, doing my promo stills with the photographer and waiting on my co-star to arrive. It was a complete secret who I would work with that day as the director and photographer would not tell me, only that the other actor would be wearing a robe. In walked Michael Lucas in the other robe. The scene was the hottest one I have ever filmed and a true fantasy that became a reality. I almost listened away a great opportunity to be a Lucas Entertainment man... 

Thanks for sharing, Scott. I guess I’m going to have to go and find that scene now.

Rapid Fire Questions: 
 1. Favorite cocktail. 
Vodka and anything… Right now it would be Vodka, sprite, and cherry juice with a couple of cherries thrown in, but anything with Vodka works. 

2. Top or Bottom? 
Versatile. I almost always bottom but I like to top once in awhile, especially if I am in bondage. Nothing gets me harder than my hands cuffed behind my back, a spreader bar between my legs, and tit clamps while fucking a hot guy… 

3. Preferred guy to do a scene with? 

 I like another hairy guy that takes care of himself in the gym. Like I said before, most of the guys I date are lumberjack types or foreign guys. 

4. How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up almost always… 

5. Favorite book? Necessary Luxuries by Atlanta author and friend Topher Payne. 

Notes: Film clip is courtesy XXXtra Large by Channel Releasing with costar Marco Montana 

Pictures are from my most recent photo shoot by Keith Bailey at Parliament Resort in Augusta, GA (Date of shoot: 9/5/2014) 

I’d like to thank Scott for taking the time to do this little interview. Here is a clip from him most recent film. Enjoy.


Now… as most of you probably know, there are quite a few gay dating/hook-up sites. Not long ago I read a marketing report from one such site, one that is worldwide now. What I found most interesting were some of the demographics that they exposed. The answers go from 1 being the most populoar to 5, least popular 

What age group was most desired.
31- 41, 21-31, 41-51, 51- 61+ 

What body type was most searched.      
Fit, Athletic, A little extra, Bear, Thin. 

Body hair.                                             
Average hair, Hairy, Slightly hairy, Natural, Little hair, Trimmed, No hair. 

5’10” – 6’2” 

White, Latino, Black, Asian, Other 

     Now the report goes on and on, getting into quite a bit of detail. However, as you may notice, gay men prefer men older, hairier and pretty much average type men. The summary of the report shows that gay men want to DATE average guys. 

     This reminds me of a conversation I was able to take part in several years ago in one of my Sunday Bloody Mary hangouts. The gist of it was that that men wanted to go out with pretty much average guys. Yeah, they like looking at the gym bunnies and the Colt models, but overall, wouldn’t consider dating them. Why? Simple, really: they intimidate the average guy. BOOM! There it is! They like to watch them, jack off and that’s the end of it. 

     Does this give my female reader’s a little more insight to the gay male? I’d like to know. 

     Now, as many of you may already know, I released my own anthology last night. There were some formatting issues caused by Createspace, but I think I’ve got those taken care of, thanks to my bestie.

     I included some oldies and some new that have never been published. Also included is one that I wrote just for this book. I hope you will enjoy. Let me know. And please, remember do to reviews, not just for my work, but for each author whose work you enjoy. It really does make a difference. Don’t worry if you think you can’t do a decent review. If you like it, just say so. No big thing. 

     Earlier this week, without really thinking it through, I kinda announced that I am now in a relationship. Little did I know it would cause such a commotion. Poor Emmett and I were over whelmed by all the attention and well wishes. Thank you one and all. 

     A Dante update: I’ve been accused of spoiling him to the point where he won’t come when called to go in. Sorry, John. Not really. He he he. Yeah, so I give him carrots and apples, rub that spot he likes right behind his ear. Is that really spoiling him. Perhaps.

     Kind of a long post this week. Hope y’all enjoyed it. But now it’s time for me to wrap this up. 

When you're down and troubled and you need a helping hand and nothing, whoa, nothing is going right. 

     GET OFF YOUR ASS and do something… for someone else. It won’t take much.

     Until next week,

'Cause I likes it!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Oh for fuck's sake!

     Here I sit, all broken hearted… not really. Psyche! Basically, I’m just sitting here pondering, getting into trouble, which normally happens when I’m somewhat bored. This is the first day that I’ve actually had to myself in quite some time. I got as much done as I could and am now waiting on edits to come back. Once that happens, it’ll be back to balls to the wall, so I’m going to enjoy this little respite while I can… or so I thought. 

     The phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I answered it anyway. Here is how the call went...

Me:      Hello? 

Caller:  Hello, my name is blah blah. We are with blah blah group and are conducting a survey about the political views concerning blah blah and blah blah. I was about to just hang up on the twit, but there was something about his voice. 

Me:      Oh? Caller: I’d like to ask you a few multiple choice questions. 

Me:      Okay. 

Caller:  Which candidate do you think blah blah blah…(Like I’m really listening to this…) 

Me:      What’s your name again? 

Caller:  Blah blah. So which would best suit your answer? Blah blah blah. 

Me:      So Mr. Blah, what are you wearing? 

Caller:  *quiet hush, then laughs* Oh, like that commercial. I’m supposed to answer khakis, right? 

Me:      Are you? 

Caller:  No, actually jeans. 

Me:      Cool. 

Caller:  Would your answer be A...blah blah, B…blah blah, C…blah blah or D…blah blah. 

Me:      (personally I don’t really give a shit.) “D,” I said, because I liked the way he said it. 

Caller:   Next question: Do you like, A…blah blah blah, B…blah blah blah or C…blah blah blah. 

Me:      Are they tight? 

Caller:  Huh? Are what tight? 

Me:     Your jeans. Are they tight? 

Caller:  Umm…I don’t see… 

Me:     (This is where I go in for the kill.) I bet they’re nice and tight. If you’re going commando I bet I could see the head of your dick. Bet it would taste good too. 

     Can you believe it? He hung up on me! Why do I have the distinct feeling I won’t be hearing back from blah blah group again?

     So… Here I go… into FB world to see what’s going on. Not been on there a lot lately because I really have been very busy. I see that I’m tagged in a post, so I go have a looksee. “…Max doesn’t watch porn.” Well…yeah, that’s pretty true. What’s in my head is usually much better last time I checked. There’s this one memory where a football player was actually…uhhh, I’m gonna save that for another time, I do believe. 

     Anyway, the comment was correct. They were talking about this one porn guy, who I’m sure my Smut Slut friend would know instantly. Of course I was clueless. So I decided to go have a look. 

     Okay…the guys were hot, and yeah, I threw some wood…didn’t last. First off, I really don’t want to look at some kid, who’s all shaved, waxed and plucked within an inch of his life. Hell, I’m pretty sure I had shoes older than this young, young man. Then I noticed something. The kid had no clue as to how to really suck dick. I backed the thing up and watched that small portion again. Yeah, the boy is clueless.

Uhhh, no. Just looks stupid. I'm not a pedophile which is what this reminds me of.

     Meanwhile, the guy, who was a bit older and closer to my type, but not quite, was wailing and caring on, telling the youngster to ‘suck my cock’ and so on and so forth. *YAWN* I was about to just shut it down but I made myself stick with it. 

     They move onto the fucking portion. Start off doggie style… more yawns. Now why is it that I got my balls snatched from a reader because I forgot to do the whole finger stretching thing but these guys are able to just jump right into, the water’s fine, move and no one says a word? Double standards, ya think? 

     So there is more wailing and grunting and carrying on. I swear, if I’d had a bottom making that much fucking noise, I’d find a ball gag, or at least a fucking sock to stuff in his mouth. Listen, I’ve done my share bit of fucking and I’ve yet to hear that much fucking noise while screwing some ass. Trust me…I’d remember that shit. 

     They flip to missionary, butt in the air, more pounding…yawn. Onto the side, then boy is on top, where he pops a load on the other guy’s chest. By this time I’m ready for nap. I’m yawning my fool head off. 

     Other guy flips, the kid starts to blow him, moaning and groaning the whole time, like he was still getting fucked or something. I could just imagine what was going through his head. ‘Won’t this yahoo please just get off so I can go get cleaned up, collect my money and take a nap?’ Moan, moan. Grunt, grunt. The other guy finally takes over jacking off, because the kid seriously can’t suck dick to save his twinkie little life. Busts a nut on the kid’s face, who is still moaning and carrying on like a wanton whore from some cheap dime-store high shelf book. Serious eye-roll. Really? Didn’t even try and lick it up or nothing. Mouth clenched up shut like some five year old refusing to take a dose of cough syrup. Dumb-ass. 

     I go back to FB and check the thread that I’d seen to make sure it was the same film that they had been discussing. Yep, I had the right one. Really? That’s what y’all think is hot gay sex? Shit…them boys need a man to teach them a thing or two! I thought that maybe this was some of those gay-for-pay type flicks. I go check. Nope, they’re gay. 

     Holy shit, do these kids have a lot to learn and I do mean a LOT.

     What happened to the Joe Gage’s of yesteryear? If y’all want to see some really hot man-sex porn, check out some of the classic, like El Paso Wrecking Company for one. Closed Set might even be better! That had grown men doing the nasty the way it’s supposed to be done! There’s nothing better than hot, sweaty, animalistic sex between real men who know what the fuck they’re doing. It’s dark, sweaty and fucking hot. 

Here it is in it's entirety!

     The older Falcon stuff was also pretty good, once you got through the pretty boy stuff. But damn, even then, those guys knew how to fucking suck dick. Sheesh, at least put some effort into it and quit screaming like some painted-up Barbie wanna-be female porn slut. By the way… I did mute that damn thing before it was done. My eyes were crossing it was so irritating. 

     So, I don’t get it. To me, these are children who need to have their butts wiped and put to bed at 9 p.m. and for sure sent back to school. Get a little life experience under their belts, and then try again. 

     Surely not all gay porn has turned into this…this…pansy ass crap. One day I’ll bolster myself to see if I can’t find something that is a bit more my tastes. Till then, I’ll keep my fantasy about the football play in the locker room that after his shower…okay, gotta go now. 

      Here’s my message. You know what to do. 

     See y’all next week,


Because I fucking like it, that's why!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Serenading a Mule

     As many of you probably noticed, I didn’t do a blog post last week. I kinda-sorta had one, but it was another depressing thing, and I just didn’t think it was a good idea to do three maudlin posts in a row, so I just left it. I guess it goes back to my mother saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the hell up.”

     Of course she is also the one who said, “This isn’t Burger King. You take it my way or do without.” I actually found a trivet one time that had that slogan on it and got it for her. Sorry to say, it got broken years ago. Oh well… moving on. 

     I have no idea where this is going today, so I’m just gonna ramble along and see what pops into my head. 

     Right now, I hear Dante yelling for his breakfast. Now Dante – and I love Dante - is a donkey that lives here. He is so funny. He’s out there with all these really nice horses, and the poor thing tries to keep up. He runs almost like a bunny hops, his ears laid back, and his short, stubby legs just gettin’ it. Just too funny to watch and of course is always the last one there for dinner. 

     Oh… that reminds me of a story about my sister. She also has a donkey, a silver one named Jackson. Now he is a lot like Dante, but not as friendly. Anyway, she was trying to get Jackson from the back pasture to the one in the front. He was having no part of it. We all know what they say about mules, right? Stubborn? Yeah, well he was having a moment. 

     Here is where I have to give you a little background on my sister. First off, she’s a redhead, a true redhead with the temper to match and is as stubborn as that damn donkey. She’s also only about five feet tall. So here she is, pulling and tugging on this damn big-ass donkey and he’s looking at her like “yeah, right.” The more she tries to get him to move, the madder she gets. 

     She gets to the point where she lets him go and stomps into the house. A few minutes later she comes back with MY cattle prod. Yes, I have one. No, you can’t ask why. Anyway, she is trying to zap this damn donkey, but the batteries are low. He just laughs at her, but he still ain’t moving his fat ass. 

     By this time, she is so mad there is steam coming out of her ears. I’m standing there laughing my ass off. She goes back to pulling on the lead she’d put on him. The clasp broke and she went tumbling backwards into a fairly fresh pile of manure. That did it. She lost it. She called that damn mule everything but what he was. Like that fazed him. Not. 

     Finally she got up, her backside covered in crap. Of course I was doubled over, laughing hysterically, which only made matters worse. She gave me such the evil eye. You know the one that says, ‘I wish you were dead right now.’ I’m surprised I didn’t drop dead right then and there. My sister took that cattle prod and hits that donkey so hard on his back side, the damn thing bent. I guess the impact of the hit was enough to shake that battery up to get the last bit of juice out of it. She zapped Jackson with full power and damn, did that donkey move. 

     He brayed his head off and ran for the barn faster than I’d ever seen him run. Yeah, I was still laughing. My poor sister. Her face was so red I thought she was gonna have a stroke. She came at me with that cattle prod and I high-tailed it right after Jackson. I turned to look back, just in time to see my wonderful, loving, kind, sweet sister take a nose dive. And yes, you guessed it…right into a pile of shit. 

     By this time, Jackson had made it to the barn and was standing there as if nothing had happened, braying his fool head off. I swear, it sounded like he was laughing, as was I. Oh hell, was she mad. She came at me with that cattle prod and tried to zap ME with it. Thankfully, that battery was dead as a doornail. 

     She threw it on the ground and stomped off, into the house. When I got there she was in the tub. I could hear her in there just cussing up a storm. Yeah, I was still snickering when she came out. I got another evil eye. She didn’t talk to me the rest of the night. 

     This was some years ago, and we laugh about it now. She’s still never replaced my cattle prod. I think I may give her a new one for her birthday, and then take it back. I think that’s a great idea, don’t you? 

     Uh-oh. Just saw a post on FB about the whole thing about women writers doing M/M genre…again. Will this ever die? I know I’ve touched on this before, but for some reason this subject just always tends to come up. I know I’ve given my opinion before, so I’m not going to go into it again. At least not right now. 

     What I am going to say is that I am an elderly gay man who has been sexually active long before the AIDS epidemic. Fuck, I’m old. I’m fairly sure that I have been as adventurous as most gay men, if not a little bit more. (Oh hush up, Patty-Cakes. I can hear you cackling from here.) Okay… a LOT more. Okay? Now quiet down. 

     The point I was going to make, before I was so rudely interrupted, was that when I write a story, it is from a gay man’s perspective. I basically write for gay men. Now hold on a minute before you get all mad at me. I do try to take into account my entire audience, so there are a few things I do and don’t do, to keep most readers happy. Or I try to, at least. Of course I still get the ‘Ewwww’ factor quite a bit. Yeah, men are pigs. I fully admit that. 

     On another thread this week there was the question raised about the post-sex coital. An author asked, ‘Do you like pillow talk after a sex scene?’ The replies were all over the place. So I stuck my two cents in, of course. I commented, ‘Do you want romance or real? If you want real, then there isn’t much talk after. The poor guy just wants to either eat and/or sleep.’ That’s just the reality of it all. Well, unless they are like eighteen or something, and then give them a few minutes and then they’ll be at it again. Then for sure, sleep. This whole idea of the lovey-dovey after sex cuddles and sweet talk is all from a female perspective. Face it, ladies. After a guy pops a nut, he’s tired. And younger guys are both hungry and tired. That’s just the way it is. 

     I think what really gripes my ass the most though, is women who will leave a review telling me how wrong I got a sex scene. Uhhh, when did you grow a penis, lady? For those of you who know me, you’ll know I’m not a huge porn fan. For the most part I find it pretty boring. So when I write a sex scene, more than likely I’ve been there and done that. I don’t go searching around porn sites for research. Again, been there, done that, have the T-shirts. Yes, plural. So yeah, I kinda know what I’m talking about. So don’t go and try and tell me I got it all wrong. 

     Now then, I’m friends with a lot of female authors. Most of them do a pretty good job in writing M/M erotic romance, including sex scenes. What I find funny is that they start talking about all these porn stars. I’m like, who? One particular friend of mine knows the names of all these guys and about their lives and so on and so forth. I look at her, my eyes blinking, basically stunned. Hell, she knows more about gay porn than most gay men I know. Well, there is this one guy, but he is a total perv, who may know as much as she does. Does that make her a perv too? You’re damn skippy it does! I affectionately call her my little Smut Slut. 

     After reading these two threads, I was chatting with another gay male author. We voiced our own opinions and then he asked, “What do women get out of seeing two men kissing?” My simple answer? Hell if I know. 

     I’m a gay man. I’ve always been a gay man. I know what flips my switches, and that is men. So it only seems natural for me to see men going at it. To me, that is just everyday life and has been for many years. I can only assume that it is like some straight guy that gets off on two females together. Okay, still don’t really get it. 

     So what is it, ladies? What is the attraction of seeing two men together? Come on. Tell me. Who knows, it may go into a story. Call it research, but I’d really like to know. Don’t be shy. Speak up. 

     This past week I helped a friend move. Even though we worked hard we had a good time. We laughed and sweated our asses off. At one point we were laughing so hard we were crying. Hell, we couldn’t tell if the other was crying or sweating. At any rate, we were soaked. It was all good, and we got her and her son all moved. 

     Thing is, when we were clearing out the garage, the teenaged son said he didn’t want this bicycle that was stuck in there anymore, and was going to toss it onto the trash pile. I hate waste. I was raised by a depression baby and the last thing we ever did was throw something away that was still usable. I snatched that bike up and put it in the back of my SUV. There’s a little boy down the street whose family is dirt poor. The other kids in the neighborhood pick on him terribly, probably because he is poor. I was thinking I’d get the tires replaced and have it spruced up and bit and give it to him. It really is a nice, expensive bike. 

     I told a good friend and he said I was a special man for even thinking of that. You know what, I never think of things like that. I saw a decent bike and knew of someone who could use it. No big deal. It’s just what I do. So later today, after my ball game, I’ll take it to a bike shop and get that done, and next week I’ll give it to this kid. 

     Y’all know how I keep on about doing for others; well this is just an example. I didn’t think about it, really. I just did it. No biggie. However, y’all can see how these little things can make a difference in someone else’s lives. It is not going to cost me much of anything, monetarily, and only a little bit of my time. 

     Will it make a difference in the young man’s life? I hope so. Perhaps he won’t feel so left out when the other kids go riding down the street on their bikes. Not only will he have one of his own, he’ll have a really nice one. 

     YOU can make a difference. Have a little compassion. Before you start bitching about how bad you have it, think about others who have it a hell of a lot worse and then do something about it. You’ll soon forget about the crap you may be going through and feel better about helping someone else. It doesn’t take much. Trust me. In the long run, you’re doing something for you, not just someone else. It never hurts to put some karma coins in the bank. 

     Till next time, 


Just because I can. ;-)